Utility PV System Solution

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    Intelligent and easy to use

    PLC networking without the need for communication cables.
    Integrated PID module, capable of automatically fixing any PID effect.
    SVG night-time functionality, rapid response to reactive power, and remote power dispatching.

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    Safe and reliable

    IP66 protection rating and C5 corrosion prevention, capable of adapting to various environmental conditions including high temperatures, cold weather, and salt spray.
    Smart I-V scanning, accurate location of faulty string inverters.
    Highly adaptive to weak grids, and low grid-connected current harmonics.

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    High-efficiency power generation

    Multiple MPPTs, increased PV power generation.
    High-power dual-sided components.
    Powerful generation capacity, capable of operating at full load under a wider temperature range and voltage range.


  • Residential storage system solution
  • Energy storage system solution
  • Data center energy storage solution
  • Residential PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial storage system solution

Other solutions


  • South Korea-2.4MW

  • Poverty alleviation project, Huize, Yunnan Province, China - 2.8 MW

  • Vilhena,Brazil - 1.3MW

  • Henan, China - 50MW

  • Fujian, China - 3.4MW

  • Brazil - 2MW


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