To be the Leader
in Digital Energy Solutions

SOFAR is a global leading provider of solar PV and energy storage solutions. Its comprehensive portfolio includes PV inverters with a power range from 1 kW to 350 kW, hybrid inverters range from 3 kW to 20 kW, battery storage systems, utility ESS solutions, and smart energy management solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale applications.
  • 31 GW+

    Inverters Shipped globally

  • 25 Billion+

    kg of CO2 Offset per year

  • 100%+


Global Footprint
  • U.S.A

  • U.S.A

  • Peru

  • Brazil

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  • 100+

    Countries and Regions with System Installed

  • 20+

    Global Offices

Global Recognition
  • Top 5 String Inverter Enterprises in China

  • Top Brand PV Awards

  • Global Top 5
    Hybrid Inverter

  • China's Most Influential Inverter Brands

  • Inverter Company of the Year by EQ International

R&D Innovation
Founded in 2013, SOFAR has always insisted on independent innovation, established a global R&D network with three R&D centers and over 500 of its workforces assigned to R&D, thus gradually establishing the holistic technology and product R&D system.
  • 100+


  • 500+

    R&D personnel

    • Efficient and reliable DC-DC and DC-AC power conversion technology

      Efficient and reliable DC-DC and DC-AC power conversion technology

      The company continuously explores power conversion topology and innovative control technology, and by combining the performance advantages of third-generation power semiconductor devices, effectively improves the performance index of its converters. In addition, through multi-technology fusion such as multi-level, magnetic integration and patented drive timing, the peak power generation efficiency of our inverter system has been increased to 98.4%.

    • Grid applicability and grid support and other grid interaction technologies

      Grid applicability and grid support and other grid interaction technologies

      Based on the research and application of the grid-connected impedance adaptive algorithm of string inverters, our main inverter products can handle more than 30 kinds of on-grid voltage harmonics and can be connected to a weak grid with an AC output short-circuit ratio of 1.2. Active power regulation and reactive power support is extremely rapid, able to respond within 100 milliseconds locally and remotely, which can effectively improve grid stability while guaranteeing stable grid-connected power generation.

    • Rapid fault diagnosis technology

      Rapid fault diagnosis technology

      For the weakest links and operating scenarios of photovoltaic inverters that are most prone to failure, a high-performance digital signal processor is used to collect the power consumption information of power semiconductor devices, magnetic components, and automatic switching relays, with voltage and current acquisition accuracy of up to 100 mV and 10 mA, respectively. The onboard MCU monitors and protects critical components inside these devices, in addition to recording key information before and after failure, extracting fault features within 100 microseconds, and by combining an analysis of the failure modes of critical components, typical diagnosis coverage for such critical components exceeds 90%.