• Residential PV System Solution

    Designed to be mounted to rooftops and courtyard photovoltaic power plants. The inverter has a power rating of 1.1 to 50 kW, is connected to a 220 VAC/380 VAC power grid, and supports full electricity on-grid, residual electricity on-grid, and self-consumption.

  • Residential Storage System Solution

    Suitable for areas with high electricity rates, no/low subsidies for PV system or a weak grid. Main applications include:1. Self-consumption. 2. Peak-load shifting, reducing electricity costs. 3. Off-grid application, ensuring reliable power supply to critical loads.

  • C&I PV System Solution

    Designed for the rooftop photovoltaic power plants of industrial plants, commercial buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and other public buildings. The inverter has a power rating of 15 to 150 kW, is connected to a 380 V/400 V/415 V AC low-voltage power grid or to a medium-voltage power grid through boosting transformers.

  • C&I Storage System Solution

    The commercial and industrial storage system is mainly used for industrial plants, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and other applications with peak-load shifting and emergency power in order to ensure reliable electricity consumption and improve the ROI of the owner.

  • Utility PV System Solution

    Suitable for mounting in deserts, barren mountains, wastelands, fish ponds, and tidal flats. The inverter has a power rating greater than 200 kW and is connected to a medium-voltage power grid through boosting transformers to supply power that would typically be supplied by power plants.

  • Utility ESS Solution

    The liquid-cooled battery energy storage system consists of a 20-foot prefabricated compartment in which the battery system, lighting, fire control, dynamic environment monitoring and water-cooling units are installed. Based on the use of battery clusters, the product is widely used in power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, as it is suitable for applications with different demands for voltage and capacity, is capable of consuming power generated from renewable energy, facilitates smooth regulation of output, peak shaving and frequency & peak load regulation when connected to PV, wind power, thermal power and other systems, and can provide auxiliary services to the grid.

  • Data Center Energy System Solution

    Redefining the data center energy system with innovative technologies, focusing on DC power supply technology and energy storage technology, and providing safe, efficient, green, intelligent and streamlined data center energy solutions, helping the implementation of "new infrastructure" and "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" initiatives, all while providing green source power for data centers.


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