Residential PV System Solution

Designed for rooftop and backyard PV power stations, the system supports modes including full grid connection, excess power grid connection, and self-consumption.


  • 1

    High-efficiency power generation

    Low start-up voltage, wide MPPT voltage range.
    High-current design, suitable for high-power PV modules, high DC/AC ratio.

  • 2

    Intelligent and easy to use

    Multiple communication modes
    Supporting remote upgrade and configuration
    Real-time monitoring, with complete logging of operations.
    Sync data between app and cloud
    O&M anywhere and anytime

  • 3

    Safe and reliable

    IP65/IP66 high-level protection.
    No-fuse design, safe and maintenance-free.
    Operating temperature ranging from -30℃ to 60℃
    long-term full-load output at 45℃.

  • SOFAR Powers a 36kW Residential PV Project in Poland

  • All households - Hengdaotou Village,China

  • Thailand - 11kW

  • Miyun District, Beijing - Single-phase 8 kW for 142 households

  • Complete village reformation project, Madian Village Party and Community Service Center, Kaifeng, Henan Province - 30 kW

  • Distributed system in cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation-200 MW

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