Intelligent Monitoring Operation and Maintenance Platform


An intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance management platform for photovoltaic and energy storage plants developed by SOFARSOLAR independently.

It covers the whole life cycle of the power plant, provides differentiated service experience for different user groups such as installers, O&M providers, and terminal owners, and realizes the intelligent monitoring and convenient O&M of PV and energy storage power plants to maximize the revenue of the power plant and reduce the O&M cost.


Real-time control of the power station during power generation;

Batch management of equipments, support for remote control and upgrading;

Minute-level alarm data, accurately locate the cause of equipment failure;


Portable management of plants, check the situation of plants anytime and anywhere;

Local setup of inverters, monitoring real-time data and history of equipments;

Recommend Products

  • Applicable to residential scenarios, supports 4G/WI-FI/Ethernet options, plug and play, high frequency aquisition of 60 seconds each time, continuous transmission at breakpoints, remote upgrade, IP66 protection.
  • Applicable to residential and industrial/commercial scenarios, supports multiple communication protocols, access to inverters, charging piles and meters, data access to the cloud, batch upgrading, feed-in limitation and other energy management.
  • Applicable to Utility scenarios, supports for protocol conversion, multiple communication networks, secure and encrypted data transmission, grid dispatch response cooperative control.
  • Residential Storage System
  • C&I Storage System
  • Utility PV System

Monitoring Solutions