Integrated PV, energy storage, and charging solution

Data centers are highly energy-consuming industries, and have an extremely urgent need for transformation in order to implement the "carbon neutrality" initiative. SOFAR SOLAR, integrating years of accumulated experience in developing PV and energy storage, has launched its independently developed integrated PV, energy storage and charging solution to integrate the energy storage system with the PV system. The combined system is subsequently connected to the data center power supply system through a DC inverter to improve efficiency, safety, and reliability and reduce construction cost to a large extent.

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    Easy maintenance

    Hot swapping, convenient maintenance.
    Intelligent battery operation and maintenance reduces maintenance cost.

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    Safe and reliable

    The multi-level redundancy design from system to parts guarantees reliable and stable system operation.
    The energy storage unit supports remote deployment to improve the safety of the machine room.
    Power modules in the machine room are fully isolated to ensure high reliability and avoid single-point fault.

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    Efficient and energy saving

    Simplified architecture, integrated energy storage and backup power supply.
    The energy storage system is modularly designed and can be easily deployed in a manner that suits the particular need.
    The entirely DC architecture ensures an overall efficiency ≥ 97.5%.
    Incorporating intelligent PV produces extra benefits.



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时间:2018 案例地点:广西百色 装机容量:7MW/23.5MWh