Integrated active module balancing to increase battery available energy

Up to 4 battery rack in parallel,flexible expansion

One-button Auto-recognition ID, simple and convenient operation

Modular stacking design, easy transportation and installation

IP65 protection rating, more reliable and safe


CBS5000H4~H10 series HV Energy Storage Batteries are specially designed for small-scale C&I energy storage scenarios. The maximum capacity of a single cluster battery is up to 50kW, and it supports up to 4 clusters of batteries in parallel, enabling battery capacity expansion of 20~200kWh. Using integrated active module balancing to increase battery available energy by 5%. Supports automatic allocation of parallel machine IDs with one click, making the operation simple and convenient. Adopts modular stacking design to facilitate installation, operation and maintenance. Using lithium iron phosphate batteries and IP65 protection design, the system is safer and more reliable. It can be used with SOFAR 100K~125KTLX-G4 (ESS) 、HYD5~20KTL-3PH series inverters to continuously provide strong power.


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