SOFAR Presents Poland with a Path to a Greener Future at ENEX 2024

2024/02/09 Source:SOFAR


Kielce, Feb. 8, 2024 - SOFAR, the global leading provider of all-scenario PV & ESS solutions, showcases its latest innovations across renewable segments from residential, C&I to utility at ENEX, aiming to further expanding the company's influence in the Polish market.


In Poland, the growth of energy storage remains prominent in pace with the increasing solar installations. Catering to that, SOFAR PowerIn offers unparalleled flexibility as a C&I storage solution, which allows end-users to install the inverter first and add storage as needed. It also allows for the installation of minimum 20kWh batteries, with options to expand capacity when battery requirements are determined. With PowerIn, installation is a breeze. Unlike traditional setups, there's no need for a crane thanks to the modular batteries weighing only 47kg, and two individuals can effortlessly handle the entire installation.


Meanwhile, SOFAR displays HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH and BTS E5~E20-DS5 to enrich the storage choices. Compared to traditional residential BESS, it excels in the flexible expansion capability. Each battery unit incorporates a built-in PCU, which maximizes the usable energy. SOFAR also rolls out other solutions including microinverter system PowerNano, 25K~50KTL inverter series, 350kW utility PV PowerMega, utility ESS PowerMaster, etc.


Since SOFAR entered the Polish market in 2014, it has been one of the most popular inverter providers known to local customers. According to research institutes, SOFAR is the TOP2 inverter provider in Poland with a 1GW+ shipment of PV and hybrid inverter in 2022.


"Poland has held significant importance for us in Europe. With extensive local services and robust distribution channels like Energynat, Solfinity, Corab, we're committed to supporting Poland's transition to a net-zero future by offering quality products and forging strong partnerships," said Allen Cao, Head of SOFAR Europe.





SOFAR is a global leading provider of all-scenario solar and storage solutions with a comprehensive portfolio, including PV inverters, hybrid inverters, BESS, utility ESS, microinverter system and SOFAR Monitor smart energy management system for residential, C&I and utility applications. By 2021, SOFAR entered the TOP5 Global Hybrid Inverter Brands, establishing a global R&D network with three R&D centers and two manufacturing bases. In 2022, SOFAR annual production capacity reached 10GW for inverters and 1GWh for batteries. By 2022, SOFAR has shipped 18GW+ inverters to 100+ countries and regions worldwide.

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