Intelligent Stability

Ultimate Security

High Efficiency and Flexibility


  • Air-Liquid Mixing Cooling

    Liquid cooling with uniform flow of coolant + Smart air cooling

  • Modular Design

    Minimal operation and maintenance
    One rack for one management
    Automatic coordination control, to ensure full power operation of PCS

  • Suitable for Large Cells

    Higher Energy Density

  • 3+2 Security System

    Cell-Level Fire Extinguishing Gas Technique +
    Cabin-Level Fire Extinguishing Gas Technique +
    Water Firefighting Three-Level Linkage
    Combustible Gas Emission + Explosion Venting Design

  • Combined Design

    A 40-foot Combined scheme can be used to reduce the floor space by more than 30%.

  • High Conversion Efficiency in the Full Power Range

    Smart coordination strategy to ensure high efficiency performance of PCS full power-range

SOFAR PowerMaster

  • Data center energy storage solution
  • Residential PV system solution
  • Residential storage system solution
  • Utility PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial storage system solution

Other solutions


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