Talents are the primary driving force behind our development

Talents are both the basis and key to the sustainable development of the company. The company will implement a diversified talent strategy by attracting core and expert talents from outside, cultivating masterful talents from within, and cooperating with universities. The company will establish and improve the personnel training system and evaluation system while actively introducing excellent technical, marketing and management talents from both inside and outside the industry, both at home and abroad. Through continuous systematic training and professional training, the company will improve the professional skills, management ability and job competency of employees, identify key talents on a regular basis, and conduct career planning for key personnel according to reserve manager standards. In addition, the company aims to establish a fair, just and transparent reward, punishment, incentive and promotion system, to provide excellent talents with a clear path for promotion, establish a competitive salary system, and improve overall team stability and cohesion.

Career Growth and Development at SOFAR

As a global leader in clean energy solutions, SOFAR SOLAR continuously adheres to the corporate mission of "science and technology changes energy structure". In China, it has achieved strategic cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, among other universities, and established university-enterprise joint laboratories. In the future, the company will further expand and deepen the cooperation with relevant universities and institutes, drive the construction of its scientific research platform and conduct talent training by cooperating with universities, continuing to promote the integration of industry, university, research and application and collaborative innovation, and jointly empower the national goals of achieving a "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".

SOFAR SOLAR has always insisted that its employees are the most important force for the sustainable development of the company, and is committed to providing broad development space for employees, gradually establishing a dual-channel (expert and management) career development mechanism, and at the same time, attaching importance to and continuously investing resources in staff training at all business levels, including but not limited to:
  • "Set Sail" program

    Covering annual college enrollment groups (full life-cycle training plan)

  • New employee induction training

    Induction training of new employees in social recruitment (including overseas)

  • Job competency training

    Sales, research and development, manufacturing, and functional areas

  • General competency

    Competency training of all employees

  • Management competency training

    Leadership training programs for general management competencies from grassroots to mid-level

  • SOFAR Basketball Game
  • SOFAR Mid-autumn Fair Activities
  • SOFAR Associations


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